Unusual Way to Find a Lost Pet

It’s happens to the best of us.

We let Felix out as usual and he didn’t come back. We opened the front door to accept a parcel and Fido made a dash for it.

A homeowner’s pet going missing is one of the scenarios that every housesitter dreads.

But there’s growing evidence of a secret pet network – a domesticated jungle drums as it were – that housesitters and homeowners can tap into to quickly get the missing pet home.

Recently, Japanese Twitter user @charlie0816 tweeted that his cat had gone missing and he’d tried a method recommended by another Twitter user.

He was told to ask any other cats he saw nearby to tell his cat to come home. Charlie noticed a stray cat as he was out looking for his cat so gave it a try. He asked the stray if he could keep an eye out and get his cat to come home.

The following morning he opened his door to find his cat sat there waiting to come in.

Instead of being met with ridicule, Charlie’s tweet brought a whole host of comments from people saying they had had similar experiences – and that the method also works with dogs.

So next time you have a pet go AWOL, mention you’d like them to come home to any local pets and strays that you see.

The results may just surprise you!

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