The Happy Housesitter Interviewed by on Twitter

I was absolutely over the moon to be invited to be the guest of on their weekly Twitter chat – #HouseSitChat.

Here’s how it went…..

Introductions from

Then Onto The First Question – Tell Us About Yourself

Fortunately I’d been given the questions the night before so was able to type up my responses in advance – vital when it comes to copying with Twitter’s tweet length limitations. Even though there were five minutes between each question to be tweeted, when it came to actually doing the chat, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to get my answers typed up and tweeted live!

Second Question – What Attracted Me To The Lifestyle

Third Question – Tips For New Housesitters

Fourth Question – What Is It About This Life That Makes Me Happy

Final Question – Challenges of Travelling With Eddie

Thanks and Goodbye!

It was a real pleasure and lots of fun to do this chat – especially as it was my first time doing something like this. I can see how it is a very useful way of housesitters sharing their experiences and knowledge. I’m sure that there’ll be some follow up tweets as HouseSitMatch’s followers who couldn’t be there live get a chance to read, comment on and retweet the chat.

Thanks so much again to for giving us the opportunity.

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