The Adventure Begins

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a new blogger in possession of an empty blog must be in need of some posts.”

Apologies to Jane Austen for borrowing the structure of a truly inspired opening line, and turning it into something altogether more mundane.  But what is a girl to do when presented with an empty box to fill and inspiration deserts her?

What will my blog be about?

I suppose, in the tradition of diaries through the centuries, it will be:

  • a miscellany of factual recordings of events in my life (tastefully edited to protect the not so innocent),
  • random musings of my overactive mind,
  • a scrapbook of words and images from elsewhere that have caught my attention, and
  • a window into the murkiest depths of my soul – for those who dare to venture so deep.

It is also intended to be a roadmap full of tips, advice and signposts for those who choose to follow in my housesitting footsteps.   I am fortunate to share my journey, or at least some of it, with my sidekick Eddie – a gorgeous rescue dog named after Edina from Absolutely Fabulous.

My hope is that I will find the time to post frequently, but not so frequently that we are clearly not living a life worth blogging about in the first place.  I hope my words will entertain, educate, encourage, inspire and challenge those who happen upon them.

Quite what plot twists lie ahead in this epic adventure, and whether our heroines triumph in the end, will remain as much a mystery to me as they will to you, dear reader.

My dream lifestyle has always involved fantastic homes in beautiful parts of the world, lots of friends, sailing, travelling, cooking, eating, music  – all funded by socially aware businesses that are so enjoyable they don’t feel like work at all.   It wasn’t until I discovered housesitting that I realised the dream didn’t need to involve my fantastic homes. It was possible to experience beautiful parts of the world taking care of other people’s fantastic homes!

A little like Goldilocks, housesitting involves trying numerous chairs, beds and bowls of porridge.  My hope is that it will lead me to find the ones that feel ‘just right’ – where I might finally want to settle down.

This blog will be my record of how I achieve that dream lifestyle, and the adventures I have along the way.

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