Special Interest Housesitting Facebook Groups

HouseSitting (Spanish)

I wasn’t sure whether to include this group in the Geographical Housesitting Facebook Groups post or this one as it covers more than one continent.

Started by a nomad housesitter, this group’s main language is Spanish. The group has over 5,500 members and is quite active.

A good place to find housesits in the Spanish speaking world – and to brush up on your Spanish!

Women Who Sail – Housesitting

If, like me, you are into sailing, this could be a good group to join.

As well as more traditional housesitting opportunities from members who are going off sailing and need their home and pets caring for, there are boat sitting assignments both short and long term.

There are around 1500 members at present. Please note you have to be a member of the main Women Who Sail group in order to be admitted to this group

Housesitting Co-Sitters Match

This is a group specifically aimed at solo housesitters who are looking to connect with other sitters to share assignment responsibilities or travel together.

There hasn’t been much activity lately, but could be a useful place to post if you are looking to partner up with someone for a housesitting assignment.

Permaculture Women: Housesitting, Homeswaps & Volunteers

If you are a ‘rad permaculture woman’ (their description) who is looking for house and farm sitting opportunities that include all things permaculture then this could be your group.

With just under 500 members currently (June 2019), it’s a spin off group from the more general group for Permaculture Women.

Kadampa Housing: rentals, sublets, house/pet sitting

While this group isn’t just about housesitting, it can be considered specialist.

The group’s purpose is to help Kadampa Buddhists help each other by offering their accommodation – including house and pet sitting opportunities.

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