Geographical Housesitting Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook groups that specialise in a housesitting in a particular country or region. There are even ones that focus on individual towns!

I’ve organised the main groups I’ve discovered into continents for ease of reading. But if a country you are interested in isn’t listed, I suggest going to Facebook and type the word housesitting followed by the country, region or city/town you want. That will show you a set of results and you can then just click on ‘Groups’ to look at groups.

If there isn’t a group, why not start one? During my research I noticed that many of the groups listed here were started by the same person. Clearly they are places that she visits – or wants to visit and has started the groups as a way of attracting people in that area to her.

A word of warning. Be very careful about committing to housesitting assignments sourced through these groups. Do your due diligence, take up references, have a video chat and get absolutely clarity on the homeowners expectations and the terms of the sit. Insist on a housesitting agreement with commitments to compensation for travel costs if the homeowner cancels.

Many homeowners will have listings on the big housesitting platforms and are just promoting their listing on Facebook. If so, always use the housesitting platform interface if you can, as most of the platforms have done at least some identity checking and others have a support mechanism in place to assist you if things go wrong.

Use the links below to jump to the continent you are interested in.


North America

Central & South America







House and Pet Sitting France

This is a great group to look for pet and house sitting opportunities in France.

The group has just over 3000 members and there are a good number of posts from homeowners seeking housesitters as well as useful information and tips on housesitting in France.


Pet sitting/boarding Berlin

With over 8000 members, this group suggests there are lots of house and pet sitting opportunities in Berlin.

Posts are welcomed from homeowners and housesitters looking to connect.

Stuttgart Area Pet Sitting Swap

A small group of just over 350 members.

It is primarly for British Forces families in Stuttgart but non-forces members are permitted as long as you are clear that you do not have access to the army bases and can only sit for families who live off base.


House & Pet Sitting Italy ~ Guarda Casa e Animali domestici in italia

Probably the best group to join if, like me, you love Italy and would like to housesit there.

With over 750 members, there’s a good mix of posts from both homeowners and housesitters.

Housesitting Italia

This group is another focused on Italy, however most of the posts seem to be from the group admin about his own housesitting activities.

Around 250 members as at June 2019.

Spain & Portugal

House & Pet Sitting Spain and Portugal

As the name suggests, this group focuses on the Iberian Peninsula – Spain and Portugal.

There are almost 3000 members as at June 2019.

There is a good mix of post from homeowners and housesitters so it’s worth joining if Spain and Portugal are on your housesitting to do list.

House and Pet Sitters Spain

A relatively small group but a good mix of housesitters and homeowners.

Opportunities to connect with homeowners looking for sitters and to network with other housesitters in Spain.

House and Pet Sitting Costa Blanca

A group specialising in connecting homeowners and housesitters in the Costa Blanca region of Spain.

With just over 300 members, there is a good mix of homeowner and housesitter posts.

Pet and House Sitting Forum for Axarquia

This is a locally targeted as the name suggests but with almost 1000 members, it also suggests there are lots of housesitting opportunities in this part of Spain.

The group has a list of authorised sitters which it recommends to homeowners so it may be worth having a chat with one of the admins about how to become an approved sitter.

Axarquía Pets at Home and House Sitting

Not one but two groups dedicated to this particular area of Spain. Having stayed a few days on the Costa Tropical between sits, I must confess it is a rather lovely place so I’m not complaining about a second group to find sits there.

A relatively new group with just 250 members at present, but worth joining as there are homeowners posting looking for sitters.

Housesitting Portugal

While this group is about housesitting in Portugal, it seems to be mainly about the housesitting adventures of the founders of the group, rather than being an opportunity for other housesitters to find assignments.

Still you might be able to connect with other people who are interested in housesitting in Portugal.

Housesitting Algarve

This group, with 220 members, focuses on The Algarve region of Portugal.

It’s a group where you can post your availability and connect with both local homeowners and other housesitters in The Algarve.

United Kingdom

House and Pet Sitters UK

If you are looking to housesit in the UK, then this is a great group to join.

With just over 1600 members currently, there are opportunities to post your availability and there are plenty of adverts from homeowners looking for sitters.

North America

United States of America

House & Pet Sitting USA ~ North America

An opportunity to connect with USA based homeowners and housesitters wanting to sit there.

850 members as at June 2019 and a few homeowners needing sitters among the housesitter availability posts.

House & Pet Sitting U.S.A.

A small group with just under 300 members.

The posts are mostly from housesitters seeking assignments so it’s up to you whether you want to join and add your own advert on there or see if you can find where American homeowners are posting assignments instead.

Oceania House & Pet Sitting ~ Hawai’i

If you want to go to Hawai’i then this might be the group for you.

It’s quite small and hasn’t had much activity lately, but might be worth popping a post in to advertise your services in case any homeowners stop by.


House Sitting Canada

A group specifically for housesitting in Canada, most of the posts are from housesitters seeking assignments rather than homeowners with assignments.

Still, if housesitting in Canada is high on your wishlist, it might be worth joining the just under 300 other people in the group.

House & Pet Sitting Canada

Another group dedicated to house and pet sitting across the whole of Canada.

Relatively small with around 400 members and not very active, but perhaps worth joining if Canada is where you want to housesit.

Yellowknife House Sitting

Yellowknife is in the Northwest Territories Province of Canada.

This group with around 1800 members, allows homeowners in the area to find housesitters.

Central & South America

House & Pet Sitting Central & South America

With almost 2500 members currently, this is a great place to start looking for housesitting opportunities in Central and South America.

The group allows the posting of housesitter availability adverts and there are some homeowners seeking housesitters in amongst them.


Pet and or house sitting Exchange

You’d never know it from the group name, but this Facebook group is actually for housesitting opportunities in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

There are just over 350 members but there hasn’t been much activity lately.


Island House & Pet Sitting

If housesitting in the Caribbean is a goal, then this is a great group to join as that’s precisely where it focuses on.

Homeowners from Bermuda, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands can search for housesitters and housesitters can post their availability and wishlist.

Just under 600 people are currently members of this group (June 2019)


House & Pet Sitting Mexico

If you’re interested in heading down Mexico way, then this group is a great one to join.

With just under 4000 members and posts both seeking and offering housesitting services.

House and Pet Sitting Mexico & International

A group dedicated to connecting homeowners in Mexico with housesitters who want to travel there.

The group has around 500 members.


Housesitting Nicaragua

A group dedicated to housesitting in Nicaragua.

Here you will find just over 300 members offering and seeking housesitting services.


Housesitting in Panama

A group for Panama homeowners and housesitters wanting to sit there to find each other.

Just under 400 members as at June 2019.

Bocas Housesitting

A very closely niched group relating to just the Bocas Del Toro area of Panama.

If you know Panama, and this is the spot for you, then this group is where to look for housesitting assignments.


House & Pet Sitting Asia

As the name suggests, this group is about housesitting in Asia.

If you are looking to housesit in the places such as Thailand, Japan or the Phillipines, then this could be a really useful group for you.

Not only are there discussions about housesitting in Asia, there are opportunities to find housesitting assignments within the group.

The group has just under 400 members as at June 2019

Housesitting in East & Southeast Asia

There hasn’t been much activity in this group lately, but sometimes groups go through quiet phases.

If you are looking to housesit in any of the countries shown on the map above, it’s worth joining this group and posting your availability.

Abu Dhabi

Pet Sitting And Boarding Abu Dhabi

If you are interested in housesitting in Abu Dhabi, then this could be a useful group to join.

The group has 2300 members and several posts a day.


Bahrain Pet sitting

This group enables homeowners in Bahrain to find house and pet sitters.

The group has over 1600 members currently and there are quite a few posts from homeowners needing sitters.


Pet & House sitting – Bali

A group for homeowners and housesitters in Bali to connect and help each other.

Around 400 members as at June 2019.


Housesitting and Petsitting Japan

With just under 1500 members as at June 2019, this group is definitely one to join if you are looking to visit Japan.

The group allows posts advertising your services and permits homeowners to post their assignments too.

Saudi Arabia

Pet Sitting Exchange Riyadh

A lack of pet boarding facilities in Riyadh led to the formation of this group.

If you are willing to housesit in Saudi Arabia you may find opportunities here.


Singapore Pet Sitting Volunteers

Primarily a pet sitting swap group, but if you are willing to housesit in Singapore for free, then you could find some opportunities in this group.

Around 650 members and a good number of posts per month.

South Korea

Pet Sitting Network – South Korea (Official)

Almost 4500 members are seeking or offering housesitting services in this group.

There are also social events posted enabling housesitters based or travelling in South Korea to get together.


Pet Parents Bangkok – Pet Sitting Bangkok

This group started out to allow pet owners to swap pet sitting services but has grown to include a wealth of information useful to pet owners and pet sitters in Bangkok.

With 2300 members and numerous posts a day, it’s a very active community to get involved in if housesitting in Bangkok is high on your agenda.

Chiang Mai Housesitting

It’s no surprise to discover this group is all about housesitting in the Chiang Mai area of Thailand.

With just over 1100 members as at June 2019, it’s a great group to join if you are wanting to housesit in Thailand.

Official Chiang Mai Pet Sitting / Petsitting / Pet Sitters / Housesitting

I’m not sure how or why this group is the ‘Official’ one but with just over 1200 members it’s another good place to look if you want to housesit in Thailand.



House Sitting Australia Wide

This huge group with over 11000 members covers the whole of Australia.

A fantastic group to join if you are planning a housesitting tour of Australia any time soon.

House Sitting Australia Group

The great thing about this group is that they have separated out housesitter availability posts onto a separate Facebook page – Housesitting Australia.

So the posts in the group are purely from homeowners wanting sitters or are useful information about housesitting or things to do while housesitting in Australia.

It’s a large group with around 8500 members as at June 2019.

Aussie Housesitting Nomads

This group is for people who are living the nomadic life and housesitting around Australia.

It’s a discussion site for tips, advice and support but does not allow posts seeking housesitting opportunities.

Around 3500 members as at June 2019

House & Pet Sitting Australia (paid)

Not all housesits are unpaid! There are many people making a good living getting paid to housesit.

This group is dedicated to connecting Australian homeowners willing to pay for housesitting to housesitters who are happy to oblige them.

Just over 600 members and regular posts.

Sydney House & Pet Sitting

With over 5500 members, it seems there’s either a lot of homeowners needing housesitters or a lot of people wanting to go and housesit in Sydney.

Either way, it’s definitely a group to join if you are planning a trip.

Vegan House & Pet Sitting Community – Sydney

I debated whether to put this in the Special Interest Housesitting Facebook Groups post, but as it’s also about a specific place I decided to put it here.

If you are vegan, or looking to sit for vegan clients in Sydney then this has to be the group for you.

Perth (WA) House Sitting & Pet Sitting

Several posts a day suggest this is an active group so if Perth in Western Australia is your housesitting destination of choice, this would be a great group to join,

Currently just under 3000 members.

Broome House Sitting

Broome in Western Australia has its own Facebook group dedicated to connecting homeowners and housesitters.

Just under 1000 members with posts both offering and seeking housesitting opportunities.

House sitting in Alice Springs

With 3300 members, this is a worthwhile group to join if your housesitting adventure is taking you to Alice Springs.

House Sitting in Castlemaine

This group is for homeowners in Castlemaine, Victoria to find housesitters.

With 1100 members and a few posts a month, it’s worth considering if this part of Australia is in your itinerary.

New Zealand

House Sitting New Zealand

An active group that enables homeowners in New Zealand to find housesitters and vice versa.

Just under 3000 members as at June 2019.

House & Pet Sitting New Zealand

Another quite active group that allows homeowners and housesitters in New Zealand to find each other.

With just under 1200 members and posts most days, it’s definitely one to join if you want to housesit in New Zealand.

House and Pet Sitting NZ

Another active group helping to connect New Zealand based homeowners with housesitters.

Around 750 members as at June 2019.

House and Pet Sitting Auckland and North

This group dedicated to the Auckland area of New Zealand only permits members whose profiles state they live in New Zealand. Lots of homeowners looking for housesitters – perhaps they’d find more if the group admin allowed international housesitters to join the group!

The group has just under 1000 members and is quite active, so if you do live in New Zealand, perhaps it is a group worth joining.


Even though housesitting opportunities in countries such as South Africa do come up from time to time, no-one seems to have started a Facebook group for them yet!

I will add it to my To Do List 🙂


I’m not aware of anyone needing housesitting in Antarctica – or anyone wanting to go housesitting there, but you never know!

Well there you go! Around the housesitting world in one blog post.

If you discover any Facebook groups for countries that aren’t listed, please comment below and I’ll add them to the post.

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