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This is a list of the Facebook groups I have discovered that have a general topic of housesitting rather than being focused on a specific geographical area or a special interest or tribe. Most don’t allow homeowner or sitter adverts so check the group guidelines before posting. I’ve created a separate post for groups that are primarily about seeking housesitters or housesitting assignments.

House Sitting World

With over 15,000 members as at June 2019, the House Sitting World Group is the largest online community of housesitters and homeowners.

Created and run by Louise Read and Tim Lou, the group has many useful documents in its Files section, providing a wealth of information to help you get started on your housesitting journey.

New posts require admin approval before being published.

House Sitting Magazine Group

A spin off from the highly successful House Sitting Magazine, run by Vanessa Anderson and Ian Usher.

This group has almost 7,000 members (as at June 2019) who are a mixture of housesitters and homeowners.

All posts are moderated with admin approval of new posts.

House Sitting and Pet Sitting

This group is run by Lamia Walker, the founder of

Most of the posts are showcasing new housesitting assignments on the website, so if you haven’t joined yet (and why not??), you can get a sneak peek at new listings here.

There are currently over 6000 members

House Sitting Cafe

The House Sitting Cafe group is quite active with general housesitting discussions and also allows posts for housesitting assignments and housesitter availability.

The group currently has over 5000 members. House Sitters Discussion

Run by the owners of, one of the longest established housesitting platforms. The group has around 1800 members currently.

The group offers discussion around housesitting topics but does not permit adverts from homeowners or sitters, who are encouraged to join and post their assignments or profiles there.

International Pet Sitters Connect

A relatively new group with just under 400 members as at June 2019 that is purely for pet sitters – no homeowners allowed unless they are also pet sitters.

The group was created by Melissa Heaney and Jordan Ladd as a way for house and pet sitters from all over the world to connect and support each other.

If you want to ask a question that you’d prefer homeowners not see you asking, this is the place to do it!

Compare House Sitting

Compare House Sitting Group is dedicated to the ongoing monitoring and reviewing of the various housesitting platform websites.

When you are first starting out, it’s difficult to know which websites are the best to join. Which will have the kind of housesitting assignments you are looking for? Which are the most active and which hardly have any sits listed?

The group discussion centres around using the various housesitting websites, any problems with them and working out which are the best sites to join.

The group has around 750 members as at June 2019.

Housesitters Network

This group, with just over 500 members as at June 2019, has a mixture of posts from homeowners looking for sitters and vice versa as well as both sitters and homeowners looking for help.

International House Sitting

A relatively new group so still small with just under 400 members as at June 2019.

The group description says it’s for housesitters with all levels of experience to find inspiration, motivation and support.

Great Ways to Get Started

Most of the Facebook groups listed above have regular features where group members are invited to contribute to a discussion or share what they are up to.

If you are hesitant about starting a post of your own, these regular posts can be a great way to start interacting in the groups – as well as in some cases a way to promote any other business ventures you have going on.

There’s something going on on most days of the week and you can find out what and where in my Day by Day Guide to Facebook Group Regular Features.

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