Facebook Groups for Housesitters

Facebook Groups For Housesitters

I thought I would write a quick post to signpost Facebook groups so that housesitters could easily find the best groups to join depending on their needs and interests.

But it turned out there was nothing quick about this post at all! In fact when I started to look beyond the handful of groups that I’m a member of, I found so many that this quick post has turned into a series of posts!

The reason this not so little project of mine came about was because I was having coffee with a fellow housesitter the other day. I mentioned something I’d see in a certain Facebook group. I was taken aback that, despite being an almost fulltime housesitter, she hadn’t heard of this group or its associated monthly publication (no prize for guessing which group I’m talking about!)

The Facebook groups about housesitting are great places where housesitters can interact with each other. You can get and give help and find useful tips and advise as well as special offers on housesitting platform memberships. While some groups limit posts to pure discussion, others permit posts from both homeowners looking for housesitters and sitters advertising their skills and availability.

If you are a bit shy about starting a post, some of the biggest general groups have regular posting opportunities where members are encouraged to join in. A perfect way to introduce yourself to the group and start to raise awareness of your housesitting business without being overtly salesy and breaching group guidelines.

I’ve divided the Facebook Groups aimed at Housesitters into a few broad categories and then created a separate post for each category.

You can jump to the kind of group you are looking for by clicking on any of the links below.

General Housesitting Groups

Groups to Find Housesitting Assignments

Geographical Housesitting Facebook Groups

Special Interest Housesitting Groups

Do let me know if you know of any Facebook groups that I’ve missed and I’ll add them to the list.

Finally, I mentioned earlier about some groups having regular posting opportunities. So I’ve created a day by day summary of these which I hope you will find useful – either as a reminder of when to have something to post about or as a useful guide to when there could be interesting content or discussions that you might want to contribute to – or just read if you are really, really shy 🙂

Day By Day Guide To Facebook Group Regular Features

I look forward to seeing you in one or more of the Facebook groups.

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