Day By Day Guide To Facebook Group Regular Features

Many of the general housesitting discussion groups on Facebook have regular features. In them, group members can join in discussions or post images or links about what they are up to.

Remembering what’s going on where and when was proving a bit of a challenge for me. Facebook can also be rather fickle in what it chooses to show you from one week to the next.

So I created myself a list of all the Facebook Group regular features posting opportunities, and thought I would share it with you.


#CoffeeMondays – House Sitting World

Start your housesitting week with a cup of your favourite blend while you join in a discussion about this week’s topic.

Louise Read at House Sitting World usually sees what’s been going on around the housesitting community in the preceding week. Then she asks a topical question or seeks members’ tips and advice on a particular topic.

Blog Callout – House Sitting World

Not always on a Monday, especially since the start of #CoffeeMondays. This is a chance to post a link to your latest blog post in the House Sitting World Group. So don’t miss this great opportunity to get a valuable backlink to your content.


#TuesdayTopic – House Sitting Magazine Group

Keep an eye out for the #TuesdayTopic thread in the House Sitting Magazine Group.

Vanessa Anderson raises a topical subject for discussion, often based on questions that have been asked in the group recently. Then members are invited to share their expertise and opinions.

#TuesdayTips – Compare House Sitting

Robyn Schulz, the founder of Compare House Sitting, shares a valuable housesitting tip every Tuesday. A lively debate on the subject usually follows.

Even if you don’t want to join the discussion, the Tuesday Tip post is always a great nugget of Grouhousesitting education. J


#Wednesday Welcome – House Sitting Magazine Group

A regular post giving a shout out to all the new members who have joined the group in the last week.

If you’ve just joined the group. it’s a nice way to say hello to everyone. If you’ve been in the group a while, you might spot someone who is housesitting near you.

The Marketplace – House Sitting World

The marketplace is your weekly opportunity to get your business, special offer or affiliate link in front of the largest housesitting audience.

All listings are deleted the following week, so go back regularly and give your business a mention.

What Are You Working On? – International Pet Sitters Connect

Whether it’s a business or personal project, here is a great place to mention what you are up to.

You may find someone who can help if you are stuck. or get valuable feedback on your idea.


#DestinationThursday – House Sitting World

Every week a different country is selected and members are invited to contribute their tips, advice and recommendations for housesitters visting this destination.

The posts are retained so if there’s a country you are due to visit, it’s worth searching for the hashtag in the group to see if there’s been a thread about your destination.


Feel Good Friday – House Sitting Magazine Group

Drop in to the House Sitting Magazine Group on a Friday to share what’s made you jump for joy this week.

A nice way to celebrate the week – and if you’ve had a bad week, get warm fuzzy feelings to cheer you up ready for the weekend.

#FotoFriday – House Sitting World

FotoFriday is your opportunity to share a great photograph from your housesitting week.

Perhaps the perfect sunset, glorious landscape or interesting street scene.

You can also share photos of the pets you are caring for – but always make sure it’s OK with the homeowner before sharing.


Selfie Saturday – International Pet Sitters Connect

Another weekly photo sharing opportunity – but this time make sure you get yourself in the frame!

Easier said than done with over-excited or camera-shy pets!

#SaturdayMashup – House Sitting World

An opportunity to share something not housesitting related but entertaining, interesting or useful to the members of House Sitting World.


#SundaySnuggles – House Sitting Magazine Group

Who are you sharing the sofa with for your (hopefully) lazy Sunday?

Take a photo or just add a comment to let everyone know who is snuggled up next to you today.

#BetweenSits – House Sitting Magazine Group

Every now and then, instead of #SundaySnuggles, there’s a change to tell your travelling tales – or read other people’s.

If you go travelling between housesits here’s where you can share your stories.

Other Not Quite So Regular Facebook Group Features

Mapahub Meetups – House Sitting Magazine Group is a great website for housesitters to connect with other sitters on their travels.

You enter where you will be when and the site notifies you if someone is going to be in the same area at the same time.

I’ve met some lovely people through the site.

Every month, there’s a chance to share photos of get togethers with other housesitters.

Share Your Facebook Page – House Sitting Magazine Group

Once a quarter, there is the opportunity to share your Facebook page – as long as the page is about housesitting or the travel lifestyle.

So that’s it! For now at least. If you find any other regular opportunities for posting in housesitting Facebook groups, please mention them in a comment and I’ll add them to this post.

To find out more about the above Facebook Groups, and many others, have a read of Facebook Groups for Housesitters and its companion posts.

Happy Housesitting!

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