In Case of Emergency

A recent incident on my current housesitting assignment got me thinking about how well prepared any of us are when we take responsibility for a client's home and pets.   I'd been overseeing some renovations on the house and while the builders were bringing in tools and materials, the dogs (Mac - my client's dog and Eddie - my own dog) took the opportunity to sneak out and go for a wander in the nearby woods. I wasn't too worried as they'd done this a few times - both on my watch and when my client was at home. The routine was to periodically yell their names and eventually they would both turn up, usually filthy dirty but very pleased with themselves.   However on this particular day, things took an unexpected turn which resulted in me having to deal with the kind of situation every housesitter hopes they will never have to face.   Three hours after the escape to the woods, Mac returned - as usual caked in mud and ready for a lie down in a shady spot. But there was...
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What is Housesitting?

What is Housesitting?

  Housesitting is taking care of someone else's house - and most likely pets - while the owner is away.   It can range from a night or two through a couple of weeks to a few months and beyond.  Some friends of mine did a housesit for friends of theirs for over two years while they were relocated due to work.   While many people considering housesitting are attracted to the promise of living in fabulous homes in fantastic destinations, the reality can be quite different.  Housesitting is first and foremost providing a service to your clients rather than them giving you a free or cheap holiday.   If you approach housesitting from this perspective you are much more likely to:  
  • be given the assignments you apply for
  • have housesits that go well
  • be invited back to housesit again

What Housesitting Is

Loving and caring for your client's pets as if they were your own

  The vast majority of people looking to use a housesi...
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Beginner’s Guide to Stress Free Housesitting

Coming Soon!

  Over the coming months, I will be gathering together my experiences from my first few housesitting assignments and collating them into a housesitting guide for those who are just starting out on their own housesitting adventure.  

Profession Not Pastime

  Housesitting is a profession - or at least it should be considered as such by those contemplating taking up the lifestyle.  It is not simply a case of travelling the world living for free in other people's houses.  Rather, it is offering a service - and peace of mind - to home and pet owners so that they can travel away from home without having to worry about what's going on in their absence.   As such a housesitter has to equip themselves with a wide range of skills - from the ability to care for a wide variety of pets to good communication skills.  

Making a Living

  For those who choose housesitting as a full time way of life, and who have not yet retired from work, there is also the ne...
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