The Adventure Begins

the happy housesitter the adventure begins introduction to the happy housesitter blog

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a new blogger in possession of an empty blog must be in need of some posts.

  Apologies to Jane Austen for borrowing the structure of a truly inspired opening line, and turning it into something altogether more mundane.  But what is a girl to do when presented with an empty box to fill and inspiration deserts her?  

What will my blog be about?

  I suppose, in the tradition of diaries through the centuries, it will be:  
  • a miscellany of factual recordings of events in my life (tastefully edited to protect the not so innocent),
  • random musings of my overactive mind,
  • a scrapbook of words and images from elsewhere that have caught my attention, and
  • a window into the murkiest depths of my soul - for those who dare to venture so deep.
  It is also intended to be a roadmap full of tips, advice and signposts for those who choose to follow in my housesitting footsteps.   I am fortunate to share my journey, o...
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