Day By Day Guide To Facebook Group Regular Features

Many of the general housesitting discussion groups on Facebook have regular features. In them, group members can join in discussions or post images or links about what they are up to.

Remembering what's going on where and when was proving a bit of a challenge for me. Facebook can also be rather fickle in what it chooses to show you from one week to the next.

So I created myself a list of all the Facebook Group regular features posting opportunities, and thought I would share it with you.


#CoffeeMondays - House Sitting World

Start your housesitting week with a cup of your favourite blend while you join in a discussion about this week's topic.

Louise Read at House Sitting World usually sees what's been going on around the housesitting community in the preceding week. Then she asks a topical question or seeks members' tips and advice on a particular topic.

Blog Callout - House Sitting World

Special Interest Housesitting Facebook Groups

HouseSitting (Spanish)

I wasn't sure whether to include this group in the Geographical Housesitting Facebook Groups post or this one as it covers more than one continent.

Started by a nomad housesitter, this group's main language is Spanish. The group has over 5,500 members and is quite active.

A good place to find housesits in the Spanish speaking world - and to brush up on your Spanish!

Women Who Sail - Housesitting

If, like me, you are into sailing, this could be a good group to join.

As well as more traditional housesitting opportunities from members who are going off sailing and need their home and pets caring for, there are boat sitting assignments both short and long term.

There are around 1500 members at present. Please note you have to be a member of the main Women Who Sail group in order to be admitted to this group

Housesitting Co-Sitters Match

This is a group specifically aimed at solo housesitters who are looking to conne...

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Geographical Housesitting Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook groups that specialise in a housesitting in a particular country or region. There are even ones that focus on individual towns!

I've organised the main groups I've discovered into continents for ease of reading. But if a country you are interested in isn't listed, I suggest going to Facebook and type the word housesitting followed by the country, region or city/town you want. That will show you a set of results and you can then just click on 'Groups' to look at groups.

If there isn't a group, why not start one? During my research I noticed that many of the groups listed here were started by the same person. Clearly they are places that she visits - or wants to visit and has started the groups as a way of attracting people in that area to her.

A word of warning. Be very careful about committing to housesitting assignments sourced through these groups. Do your due diligence, take up references, have a video chat and get absolutely clarity ...

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Facebook Groups to Find Housesitting Assignments

This is a list of the Facebook groups I have discovered that allow posts from homeowners seeking housesitters and housesitters seeking assignments.

These groups are global so are a good place to start. But also check out my post about Facebook groups dedicated to housesitting in a particular geographical area.

A word of warning. Be very careful about committing to housesitting assignments sourced through these groups. Do your due diligence, take up references, have a video chat and get absolutely clarity on the homeowners expectations and the terms of the sit. Insist on a housesitting agreement with commitments to compensation for travel costs if the homeowner cancels.

Many homeowners will have listings on the big housesitting platforms and are just promoting their listing on Facebook. If so, always use the housesitting platform interface if you can, as most of the platforms have done at least some identity checking and others have a support mechanism in place to assist y...

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Facebook Groups for Housesitters

Facebook Groups For Housesitters

I thought I would write a quick post to signpost Facebook groups so that housesitters could easily find the best groups to join depending on their needs and interests.

But it turned out there was nothing quick about this post at all! In fact when I started to look beyond the handful of groups that I'm a member of, I found so many that this quick post has turned into a series of posts!

The reason this not so little project of mine came about was because I was having coffee with a fellow housesitter the other day. I mentioned something I'd see in a certain Facebook group. I was taken aback that, despite being an almost fulltime housesitter, she hadn't heard of this group or its associated monthly publication (no prize for guessing which group I'm talking about!)

The Facebook groups about housesitting are great places where housesitters can interact with each other. You can get and give help and find useful tips and advise as well as special offers on housesitting platfor...

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General Housesitting Facebook Groups

This is a list of the Facebook groups I have discovered that have a general topic of housesitting rather than being focused on a specific geographical area or a special interest or tribe. Most don't allow homeowner or sitter adverts so check the group guidelines before posting. I've created a separate post for groups that are primarily about seeking housesitters or housesitting assignments.

House Sitting World

With over 15,000 members as at June 2019, the House Sitting World Group is the largest online community of housesitters and homeowners.

Created and run by Louise Read and Tim Lou, the group has many useful documents in its Files section, providing a wealth of information to help you get started on your housesitting journey.

New posts require admin approval before being published.

House Sitting Magazine Group

A spin off from the highly successful House Sitting Magazine, run by Vanessa Anderson and Ian Usher.

This group has almost 7,000 members (a...

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Unusual Way to Find a Lost Pet

It's happens to the best of us.

We let Felix out as usual and he didn't come back. We opened the front door to accept a parcel and Fido made a dash for it.

A homeowner's pet going missing is one of the scenarios that every housesitter dreads.

But there's growing evidence of a secret pet network - a domesticated jungle drums as it were - that housesitters and homeowners can tap into to quickly get the missing pet home.

Recently, Japanese Twitter user @charlie0816 tweeted that his cat had gone missing and he'd tried a method recommended by another Twitter user.

He was told to ask any other cats he saw nearby to tell his cat to come home. Charlie noticed a stray cat as he was out looking for his cat so gave it a try. He asked the stray if he could keep an eye out and get his cat to come home.

The following morning he opened his door to find his cat sat there waiting to come in.

Instead of being m...

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Are Human Housesitters About To Become Obsolete?

The rise of Alexa and smart home devices may bring about an earlier than expected decline in the demand for housesitters. The devices are now in over 30% of US homes - up from just 8% three years ago - and the trend is sure to follow in other countries.

Now the release of a new Alexa feature, Alexa Guard allows owners of smart home devices to have them monitor the house while they are away. Alexa Guard can listen out for the sound of smoke and fire alarms, breaking glass and other noises that could signal something has gone awry at home. If such a sound is heard, Alexa Guard will send a text alert to your phone to let you know. And if you have a video-enabled device, you can remotely access the camera and see what's going on for yourself.

Equally, Alexa Guard can connect to and control other smart home devices such as smart light bulbs to turn lights on and off at different times of the day, making it look like someone is h...

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I've been a huge fan of travel website for some time now. Their unique approach to searching for low-cost travel makes it my go-to website when it comes time to book a flight. And their unique booking guarantee means that if you make a booking through them that involves connecting flights and you miss your connection, they will do all they can to get you to your destination.

But now they've gone one step further.

Playing the System

There have been numerous news articles in the travel press of late about airlines getting litigious with their own customers. Airlines have had the upper hand for far too long. Complicated routing and pricing, copious amounts of terms and conditions for a sale that is really a glorified bus ticket at the end of the day.

With technological advances, frequent travellers have been gradually turning the tables, using search engines to find ways to get from A to B for less. New terms such as "skiplagging" and "throw away ticketing" h...

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