The 3000 Year History of the Hoodie

Many people may think of the Hoodie as a fairly modern piece of clothing, dating back perhaps only a few decades at most.  However, as Paola Antonelli explains, its origins can be found as far back as ancient Greece.

Garments with a hood – which we can retrospectively define as hoodies – have been around almost since clothing became a thing in itself.

A hood attached to a cloak or robe is a practical solution to that problem of what to do with a hat when you don’t want to wear it.  With a hoodie, the hood is instantly accessible when needed, but neatly out of the way when not.

A hood offers the wearer protection from the elements, privacy and anonymity and a special comfort from feeling swaddled and nestled in your own shell.

Practical, comfortable, easy to care for, a cotton jersey hoodie is a perfect garment to include in your nomadic wardrobe.  It bridges the gap between summer and winter when it may still be too warm for a coat.  It is useful to don on those particularly cold days when an extra layer is needed.

Worn by everyone from kids on the street to billionaire CEOs in the boardroom, there is no sign of the hoodie losing its appeal any time soon – despite many politicians’ attempts to link the wearing of this particular garment to a set of values and behaviours that were less than desirable in society.

Great for early morning walks with the dog, late night dashes for takeaway or just donning for an evening of back to back episodes of your favourite show on Netflix, every housesitter needs at least one hoodie in their suitcase.  So grab yourself a houseitting hoodie or two from my store:

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